Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Regatta 69 - Prime Time

Regatta 69 - Prime Time

1997 (CD) [Ska] Moon Ska Records

  1. I Wanna Smack You
  2. Waltz of the Catamaran
  3. Virtual Brain Boy
  4. Operation Time Control
  5. Fiasco
  6. Fly, Fly Away
  7. Killer Cabbie
  8. Bari Saxy Man
  9. Follow The Leader
  10. She Was Looking At Me
  11. Sioux City
  12. You Light Up My Life


  1. take the do the dg CD's down, kev makes hardly any money as it is, your hurting a tiny label but its the only true ska label in the uk, without do the dog the uk scene would be dead!

  2. We don't have too much from Do The Dog records, but this blogspot is dedicated to people who are going through hard times buying CDs. Also, this blogspot has many rare items and that includes Do The Dog record stuff which is extremely hard to find in countries other than the UK.


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