Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Boogie Down Productions - Criminal Minded

Boogie Down Productions - Criminal Minded

1987 (CD) [Golden Age Hardcore Hip Hop] B-Boy Records

Boogie Down Production's Criminal Minded album is thought to be possibly the most influential hip hop album. The album is very dancehall reggae influenced. Before splitting up the members consits of legendary "Blastmaster" KRS-One and the passed away DJ Scott LaRock. Ced-Gee also played a key role in the crafting on the LP. This was the first of all Gangsta Rap records to come.

  1. Poetry
  2. South Bronx
  3. 9mm Goes Bang
  4. Word From Our Sponsor
  5. Elementary
  6. Dope Beat
  7. Remix For P Is Free
  8. The Bridge Is Over
  9. Super-Hoe
  10. Criminal Minded
  11. Scott LaRock Mega-mix

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