Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Crass - Christ: The Bootleg

Crass - Christ: The Bootleg

Recorded: 1984 Rerereleased: 1997 (Live) [Anarcho-Punk] No Idea Records

The performance was recorded live in Nottingham Febuary 5th 1984 during the band's last tour. First released in 1989, with permission from the band, through Allied Recordings and then reissued 1997 by No Idea Records. The audio is in bootleg quality. Also available is Christ: The Album (highly recommend listening) and Christ: The Movie

  1. The Falklands (Introduction)
  2. Yes Sir, I Will
  3. Nineteen Eighty Bore
  4. Don't Get Caught
  5. The Mother Earth
  6. The Mother Love
  7. Smash The Mac
  8. Bata Motel
  9. Darling
  10. Poison In A Pretty Pill
  11. Gotcha
  12. Big A, Little a
  13. Yes Sir, I Will
  14. Major General Despair
  15. Take It As Entertainment
  16. You're Already Dead

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